Lawbreakers Gameplay

Y’all! If you have an interest in games, first person shooting games, quick, fast and also similar to Overwatch (I mention that because it’s popular right now) then you guys might enjoy this video or might even be interested in this game as soon as it comes out!!

Here’s a lovely gameplay from my favorite Fruit and YouTuber 🙂

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Dream Journal: Day 4

Day two and three have been skipped because I didn’t have any dreams on those days. So here’s day four…

The 4th day will be short since I woke up knowing about my dream and then falling back asleep lol. I forgot a lot about it…In today’s dream, I was preggo. I had a child–a baby boy to be exact. He was a pretty cute looking kid. I was actually pretty upset that I woke up from my dream and finding out I had no cute child in real life. Crazy.

Ugh, this post is short. That’s all I can remember about my dream. Me being pregnant and having a cute child.

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Another Trip to Pandora!

This right here, ladies and gents, is the Night Blossom drink I had at Pandora: World of Avatar. It’s my fist time having it and OH EM GEE, was it good and SUPER DUPER sweet. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, this drink isn’t for you.

What’s inside?

Mixture of Limeade with Apple and Desert Pear flavors topped with Passion Fruit Boba Balls

This baby costs a $5.99 but if you want to go all the way out, the drink can cost $14.99. It comes with a souvenir cup (pictured above) and a glowing Unadelta Seed (gif below).

My hubby ordered the Mo’ara Margarita. This one is an alcoholic beverage. I don’t have a picture to show you (just google it lol).

What’s in the Mo’ara Margarita?

Sauza Conmemorativo Añejo Tequila with Strawberry and Blood Orange flavors topped with Strawberry Boba Balls

This one costs $9.25 and again, if you want the souvenir and Unadelta Seed, it will cost you a whopping $18.25! It’s expensive…but that’s Disney for ya!

Lastly, we also ordered the Pongu Lumpia. Ooh wee, boy was that good and VERY sweet as well. But I would definitely recommend this to everyone who loves sweet things and also LUMPIA lol. It’s a dessert lumpia y’all ~

***No picture for that...sorry***

Anyways, if you visit Pandora, please try out their food, drinks and this place (Pongu Pongu). You’ll def enjoy their exquisite meals and beverages 😛

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Dream Journal: Day 1


This will be my first attempt at trying to write down my dreams so I can look back or maybe even try to figure out why I have these weird occurring dreams or what they just mean.

I woke up this morning pissed at my husband. Well, that’s because I had a bad dream. In that dream, my hubby gave me a pill to take (don’t ask me why because I have no clue lol). It was a tiny pink circular pill. Trusting him, I took it. Then several minutes later, I was shitting my pants uncontrollably. This was embarrassing because I was in public and there was no public restroom or a nearby bathroom I could run to. Also, it felt so real that I somewhat remember being half awake, and I’m laying there in my bed thinking I pooped in bed. Wtf. One of the worse feelings ever!

This was pretty much ongoing and for some dumb reason, in my dream, I didn’t even bother going to a bathroom. I let the people laugh and giggle at me about my situation. I then woke up and I saw my hubby waking up as well.  I looked at him, gave him the evil eye and just said, “I had a bad dream” and thinking to myself that I’d tell him the whole story later.

That’s the story of me shitting myself.  You’re welcome.


So there’s a part two of my dream #sorrynotsorry. I’ll try to make it short since I can’t remember a lot about it. The second part of my dream is no different than the one’s I’ve had before. Yes, I’ve had similar ones. Basically, this dream I had, I was at a friends apartment/hotel that they were staying at. I came to visit their place to check things out. Right across from where they stayed at was a tribe looking village. My “friends” came out the room and started talking outside the door. One of them seemed very scared and concerned for my other friend like as if there was something strange about this place. I suddenly hear gunshots and I automatically scatter to go find a hiding spot and the gunshots kept going off. I then see blood all over the floor and realize that both my friends have been killed at the scene. Like any normal person, I was scared to death. I desperately try to escape…I was pretty much running away from these “people” that were chasing after me….

End of my dream. I have awoken from that terrible dumb dream of mine. A reoccurring dream that I always have, being chased after, trying to get killed. Still not sure why but I hope someday that once I keep writing about my dreams, I will fully understand it all.

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Ladies and gents…a BETA has been revealed to us all.

Who’s excited? I am.

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THE 2017-2018 Regular Season Schedule

Super duper excited that it’s here. I cannot wait to go watch my favorite hockey team play! Wishing us the best for this season!!! Down below are links for more details about it (for my Tampa Bay Lightning fam).

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Night in the Woods


This game is so much fun. I love narrative-based games and this is the perfect game for me. Also, the art in this game is so cute. I play as the character, “Mae” a 20-year old, college drop out cat that returns home to live with her parents and that’s when everything changes…or at least the adventure begins for me. Apparently, Mae, the main character, has some type of mental illness and it’s cool that I get to know more about her background.

This game is a single player and it’s available on the PS4, PC and MAC. Price is $19.99.

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